5 kg 11 LBS 3.0 cb ft 110V Compact Portable Laundry Dryer - White

Product: Compact Portable Dryer or Compact Apartment Dryer


Capacity: 5 kg 11 lb 3.0 cb. ft.
Voltage: 110V - 125V
Application: Apartment, Rental Residence, Condo, House
Color: Pearl White


  • Multiple Program options: Normal; Delicate; Air
  • Forward / Reverse Tumbling: Higher drying efficiency; Fluffy / wrinkle-free garments come true
  • Wall-mount Kit and 5' Venting Hose Included
  • Compact but with more loading capacity
  • Fully automatic: No dial to turn, starts to run with just a finger-tip touch

Unit Dimension & Weight: 
Without Wall Mount Kit: 23.75" W x 18.875 D x 26.875" H x 57 LBS (60 cm W x 48 cm D x 68 cm H x 26 kg)
With Wall Mount Kit: 23.75" W x 22.375" D x 26.875" H x 58 LB (60 cm W x 57 cm D x 68 cm H x 26.5 kg)

Package Dimension & Weight:
26.6" W x 20.5" D x 28.3" H x 64 LB (67.5 cm x 52 cm x 72 cm x 29 kg)

Color: Pearl White

Shipping/Pick up Location

Industry Source Enterprises Inc.
Warehouse: 145 Gruner Rd, Buffalo, NY 14227
Toll Free #: 1 888 289 0012

International Sourcing Engineering Inc.
5080 Timberlea Blvd, U45, Mississauga, ON L4W4M2
Toll Free #: 1 888 289 0012


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